10 Times The Bold Type Killed the #Girlboss Game

It’s 2017 and the #girlboss movement is in full force. In lieu of this surge of empowerment in girls all over the world, Freeform recently wrapped on its brand new series, The Bold Type: the ultimate feminist show of the century. In honor of the show’s recent season one finale, here are 10 times The Bold Type absolutely killed the #girlboss game.


  1. When the girls brought out champagne in the middle of the work day.

  2. When Kat stood up for what she believed in. 

  3. When Kat was proud to announce that she kissed Adena and she liked it. 

  4. When Jacqueline was more than just a boss when Kat needed her the most. 

  5. When Jacqueline gave a kick-ass speech at the Scarlet anniversary party. 

  6. When Sutton took a few risks to get what she wanted. 

  7. When Sutton gave the best job interview in the history of ALL job interviews. 

  8. When the girls decided to walk topless through Central Park. 

  9. When Jane was invited to speak at a “Young People in Politics” panel. 

  10. When Jane said the one thing every millennial is terrified to say. *Title Image Source