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10 Memes and Tweets Only College Students Understand

1. This one of the bigger problems I’ve encountered in college. Whether I’m waking up at 1 p.m. or sleeping in between every class, people are always so confused as to how I am able to sleep so much during the day. 

2. This is a daily thing for me…

3. I make daily lists of everything I need to get done and what’s always unnecessarily at the top of the list? Cleaning my room. It helps build your momentum a little right before starting your work.

4. Every. Sunday. Morning.

5. Laziness is rough. I get so stressed out about my work that I will be exhausted after merely brainstorming. My solution: nap and try again later! 

6. Have you ever been to a party where this throwback isn’t played? I haven’t. I definitely don’t think the Killers expected their songs to be blasted at frat parties either. 

7. Every icebreaker ever- especially as a freshman. 


8. $70 may be a stretch, but we’ve all made the trip to Party City to buy cat ears when all else fails. 

9. I’ve approached this problem in plenty of classes and my mom and I argue about it frequently. If I’m not immediately a skilled artist then there’s no point in trying to learn, right?

10. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to this: FOMO. 


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