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10 GIFS to Describe What it’s Like When Your Parents Visit You at School

No matter how old I get, seeing my parents for the first time in a while still brings tears to my eyes. My parents are truly my best friends and I really enjoy spending time with them now that I am older and out of the house. Although they don’t visit often, I cherish the days that they do and reap a few of the benefits. Here’s a few GIFS to describe what it’s like when your parents visit you at school:


When they take you grocery shopping and they let you get all the good snacks.


When they take you to a nice restaurant and let you order whatever you want.


When you hug your mom for the first time in a while.


When your dad has a book of dad jokes he has been dying to share with you.

When your mom tells you all about the gossip that is going on at home.

When they bring you some of your clothes that you left at home.

When you get to introduce all of your college friends to your parents.

When your college friends think your parents are awesome.

When you get to show your parents all the cool things you love about your second home.


When you hug them goodbye.

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