You Need to Watch Stranger Things 2

I told myself I would only watch a few episodes of the new season of Stranger Things on the day it came out. Instead, I accidentally watched the whole thing.

The season starts out about a year after the first one ended. Everything was going okay for the residents of Hawkins, but that wouldn’t have made for a good story. Based on the end of the first season, you probably could have guessed that Will would have more trouble with the Upside Down. Will doesn’t get trapped in the Upside Down this time, but he’s still connected to the dark dimension.

If you were worried that the story would be boring and too similar to season one, you can relax. The show’s creators found a unique way to incorporate the Upside Down and all of its horrors into the program. Things are even weirder and more dangerous this season.

You’ll be happy to hear that all of your old favorites have returned…except for Barb. If you thought she’d return, you’re in denial. You need to accept the fact that she’s dead. If you need someone to fill the hole in your heart where Barb used to be, there are some new characters for you to love. You probably won’t like all of the new characters, but that’s kind of the point.

In addition to learning more about the Upside Down, we learn more about Eleven’s past in season two. A lot of your questions about her life will be answered, but you’ll be left with some new ones.

You’re probably wondering how I accidentally watched the whole thing in one day. It was so good I couldn’t stop watching. The cliffhangers at the ends of every episode made it impossible to find a good stopping point. I couldn’t stop thinking about the show whenever I took little breaks to do other things. It was pretty late by the time I got to the ninth episode, so I told myself I’d only watch half of it and then go to bed. About halfway through, I realized it was the last episode and had to see how it would all end.

For some reason, I thought there were ten episodes in the season, but there were only nine. I was disappointed there weren’t more, but the first season just had eight episodes, so we were lucky to get an extra. Still, after I finished, I wanted more. Stranger Things is so good that whatever they give us will never be enough. The show is definitely worth the hype, and if you haven’t seen the newest season yet, you better get going and watch it on Netflix for about eight hours straight. You won’t want to stop binging once you start, plus you know spoilers will be everywhere soon.