Why Do People Still Not Believe in Climate Change!?

Because air pollution, water pollution and melting glaciers/rising sea levels DEFINITELY aren’t worth worrying about. *Cue the eye-roll*

Ithaca, New York is right next to Canada so why, oh why, is it so warm here? In October? A really simple answer is global warming, but more accurately: climate change. I was going to do a "7 Reasons You Should Believe in Climate Change," but I decided that climate change is way too easy to believe in. It is much more difficult to understand why people don’t believe in climate change. So, here are 7 reasons people may not believe in climate change.

1. They do not want to believe in climate change.

This is a simple one. Why would you want to believe that almost every action you make is killing the earth? The answer is so that you can change it. And yet, many people would rather sit by and watch the earth heat up and species get killed off due to our actions. There are solutions. They’re just very difficult and require actual effort. Like anything, you’ve got to put in work to see the benefits.

Why do we even try anymore?

2. Religious Beliefs

I have heard of people just calling this “the natural course of things,” and then some people just outright call this the end of times by God’s wish. This, again, is shrugging off of responsibility onto a higher power. If one does believe in an all-good higher power, then it would make more sense to believe that he/she/they gave Earth to us, and therefore we should protect and nurture it rather than destroy it. But that’s none of my business.

3. It’s not warm where they are so global warming isn’t a thing.

This one is high-key just stupid. I have almost nothing to say on this one except that I have actually heard somebody say this.

4. Climate Change/Global Warming is a conspiracy made by China.

Thank you, Trump. This is not only the shrugging off of responsibility, but blatant ignorance. It’s just extra ridiculous because, by this logic, all environmental scientists are working for China. At this point, you could say, we all work for China just by checking the weather. Just…no.

5. They don’t “believe” in science

This could possibly be fueled by religion as well as the conspiracy above. Honestly, I don’t know. People simply do not like seeing the facts because it "disproves" something they may have believed in strongly. Apparently, there can be no in-between here.

6. They just don’t care about the earth enough to even know what climate change really is.

This one is just pure LAZINESS. If you can Google your symptoms enough to get freaked out on WebMD, then you can most definitely find out what climate change is.

7. They live in a hole in the ground

Honestly, as I said in the beginning, it is very hard for me to understand how somebody cannot believe in climate change. We’ve already lost a good amount of species to climate change and this is the absolute hottest year that the world has faced. And it has been like this for the past few years. Before 2017, 2016 was the hottest year. We need more people to focus on this issue because honestly, the earth itself can live without us. We are simply residents here, so let’s be lovable tenants and treat her with kindness.

You don’t have to be a scientist to face reality. 

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