Top 20 Clean Vines to Quote for the Rest of Your Life

Vine was a six-second entertainment app that was shut down by Twitter in Jan. of 2017 because it was losing money. Yet despite that, vine-lovers still quote hilarious videos daily. Vine is dead, but it lives forever in our hearts. (These videos are in no particular order.)


1. “Hi, my name is Chelsea. What’s your favorite dinner food?”

2. “Adam!”


3. “All right campers, let’s play the name game!”


4. “Freestyle dance teacher”




6. “Road work ahead”


7. “Is it real?”


8. “I ain’t get no sleep cuz a y’all”



9. “I still love myself”


10. “Wow”


11. “Adult virgin”


12. “Hi welcome to Chili’s”


13. “I have hemorrhoids”


14. “Hey guys, I’m really sad”


15. “Birthday gift on my birthday”


16. “And they were roommates”


17. “I could’ve dropped my croissant”


18. “I can’t swim”


19. “Look at all those chickens”


20. “Fre Shavocado” 

There are hundreds of other funny Vines that could have made this list, so by no means is this a full spread of them all. There are limitless Vine compilations on YouTube to watch until the sun comes up. Hope you enjoyed this short list!