Top 15 Strangest Oreo Flavors

All Oreos are created equal. But are they really? Let’s be honest, there are some pretty gross flavors out there. Call me basic, but I prefer the old-fashioned Double Stuf Oreo. No judgment for those of you who like these flavors, but the following is a list of the top 15 weirdest Oreo flavors, in no particular order.

1. Green Tea

Depending on your preferences, Japan is to blame/thank for this Oreo flavor. Not too appealing if you ask me.

2. Orange Ice Cream

Maybe I just prefer my Oreos to be anything but fruit-flavored?

3. Banana Split

This one seems like a combination of too many flavors put into one unappetizing-looking cookie.

4. Gingerbread

The idea of fake-tasting gingerbread in cookie form just doesn’t sound great.


5. Berry

Again with the fruit-flavored ones! Berry + Chocolate = Gross

6. Watermelon

This one might be one of the most repulsive. Not only does artificial watermelon generally taste terrible, but throwing it in there with a cookie? I’ll pass.

7. Limeade

Is it just me, or does the idea of the taste of a cold, tart summer drink not sit well when it’s put into cookie form?

8. Fruit Punch

I am so glad most of these flavors were limited edition, especially this one.

9. Root Beer Float

Something that is meant to be a fizzy drink should not have its flavor inserted into a cookie, right?

10. Swedish Fish

I’ve tasted this one before. It’s not good.

11. Jelly Donut

I’m sorry, but if I’m going to enjoy a delicious Oreo, a jelly donut-flavored one is not what I would have in mind.

12. PB&J

I do not agree with the people that put this flavor on the market.

13. Cherry Cola

From what I’ve read, this one tastes like cherry cough medicine.

14. Hot Chicken Wing

Now, this is just too weird. I typically don’t prefer to mix my dinner with my dessert. Thanks, China.

15. Wasabi

I also do not prefer spicy cookies. Just saying.