Top 10 Must-Watch Key and Peele Videos

1. "Substitute Teacher"

This is the duo's most iconic video and for good reason. It's very relatable for those of us who have constantly had our names mispronounced by substitutes.

2. "White Zombies"

I've watched this video a few time and couldn't stop cackling each time.

3. "Make-A-Wish"

This is for those of you who like dark humor.

4. "Pawn Shop"

It gets funnier as you keep watching.

5.  "Weird Playlist"

This will make you feel better about any awkward car ride you've been on.

6.  "Psycho Clown"

Remember this if you ever get kidnapped by a clown.

*the next three contain strong language*

7.  "The Telemarketer" 

Imagine if the annoying telemarketer had the nerve to hangup on you.

8. "Turbulence"

The fasten seatbelt sign is there for a reason.

9. "Little Homie"

This one might be my favorite.

10. "Awesome Hitler Story"

Who would’ve thought playing dead would be so funny?