The Thousand Oaks Shooting

On Wednesday, November 7, a man by the name of Ian David Long opened fire in a nightclub (Borderline Bar and Grill) outside Los Angeles, killing 12 people and injuring many others. Many of the victims, as well as the hundreds of survivors in the club, were college students. Eleven people were killed at the scene and a deputy who came to help died later in the hospital.

Dressed in all black, Long entered the nightclub after approaching the front entrance and shooting the security guard outside. He then threw a smoke bomb into the bar to enter with ease and shoot a bouncer, a cashier and several other employees working at the front desk. After opening fire on the dance floor, several patrons threw chairs and tables at the windows to break them and free themselves of the horror. Within minutes, officers responded. Sadly, the first officer to respond was shot several times by the gunman. After the three-minute commotion, Long turned the gun on himself. While this may have been a short span of time, it is one of the deadliest shootings America has seen this year.

After the night of the shooting, President Donald Trump posted several tweets about the incident, one tweet mentioning the Sergeant who died during the action.

As for society, we remain affected after the countless amount of times we have heard this exact story occur throughout our nation. The horrors that follow, the families and friends who have to deal with the loss of loved ones, are heartbreaking and has gone on for too long. For those who are aware of these occurrences, now is the time to take action and make an effect on our nation for generations to come.