Things to Do Over Thanksgiving Break

The time has come! Time for the holidays, family and LOTS of stuffing! The excitement of reconnecting with your old home must be killing you as you wait for Thanksgiving break to come! But if you are anything like me, you may be so used to the constant activity and productivity on your college campus that you may feel a little stuck figuring out how to spend your week of relaxation. So here are some ideas you may want to consider!

Spend time with the fam

While you may get sick and tired of hearing the phrase “How’s college?” for the 1,000th time, it is nice to connect with your family after three months of being surrounded by only students. Set aside time for your parents or your siblings (if you have any) and take time to take to them about what has been going on in their lives since you have left. If your parents are anything like mine, they will cherish the little moments they get to spend with you for the little amounts of time they get to see you.

Visit your friends

If there is one thing that makes me most excited about going home, it is seeing my wonderful and wacky best friends! After you get home and say hello to your family call your besties and go catch up with them! Hear about their stories in their colleges and all about their new lives!

Re-explore your town

If you’re anything like me you will feel instant nostalgia when revisiting the town you spent your childhood in. If you can drive or have a friend who drives, take time to drive around to your favorite restaurants or old hangout spots! Maybe it will make you take notice of what has changed since you have left.

Take time to be by yourself

While you may be looking for dozens of activities to keep yourself busy over break, maybe consider the fact that for the first time in are completely alone! Your own room, your own house, no agenda, nowhere to be! So take some time to lay in bed and binge watch a new show (I recommend Game of Thrones or Black Mirror to those who are looking for a new show to watch) or read a book or just sit there and think of how happy you are to have some space and time off from the crazy world of college.

Hopefully this gave you some ideas of how to keep yourself busy over Thanksgiving break, just remember that it is, in fact, a BREAK! So most importantly, relax and enjoy yourself! Happy Thanksgiving!