Things to Do If You’re Staying on Campus for Fall Break

Fall Break is often the first opportunity students have to go home during the semester. This four day weekend serves as a great opportunity to visit friends and loved ones back home, unwind after midterms and get some well deserved home cooked meals after surviving on a diet of dining hall disasters and Easy Mac. But, if you’re like me and live too far away to quickly jaunt home for a long weekend, you may find yourself stuck on campus for a possibly lonely four days. The campus tends to clear out, and the vibrant social atmosphere usually found on campus tends to dwindle. Have no fear, however! For here are four things you can do to make the most out of this much needed break!

#treatyoself to a bit of rest and relaxation

Fall Break is conveniently timed to wrap up an often stressful and overwhelming week of midterms and assignments. Use these few days to yourself to unwind and rejuvenate yourself to finish out the rest of the semester strong! Do a facemask, paint your nails and put on your favorite movie for a relaxing night in that’ll be sure to lift your spirits.

Farmers market

With a majority of IC students away for the weekend, Fall Break provides a great opportunity to make a visit to the Farmer’s Market without the usual crowds. Indulge in a meal from one of the delectable food stalls, pick up some fall fresh produce like apples or squash, and take in the beautiful views on the Cayuga Lake waterfront. The Farmer’s Market is an Ithaca gem year-round, but Fall Break is an exceptionally great time to make a visit, especially before the weather turns frigid!

Seek out nightlife in Cornell; they don’t have break

If you just can’t shake your life-of-the-party urges and don’t want to brave Moonies without the usual IC crowd, use this weekend to venture into Cornell and check out the nightlife of our neighboring university. Cornell students aren’t on break and there will be plenty of party goers filling Collegetown favorites like Level B or Loco!

Last, get some work done! Start the second half of the semester off right

Although it's definitely not the most exciting way to spend a school break, these two days of no classes offer an excellent opportunity to get caught up on work that’s been put off, or to get ahead on the inevitable mountain of assignments and studying that loom in the second half of the semester. Especially with many friends out of town, Fall Break is a distraction free chunk of time to get on top of your academics!

However you choose to spend your Fall Break, make sure you make the most of this well deserved time off! 

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