Tackling the Mid Semester Slump

Every year, I start off the semester with excitement, momentum, and motivation. I enthusiastically make runs to Staples and the book store, stalk Amazon for textbooks, and obsess over my new classes eager to dive into material. The first week is always over too quickly, and my energy pours into adventures, homework, and extra-curriculars effortlessly. About week five I hit a wall. The work begins to pile, the exhaustion begins to set in, the sickness begins to spread, and everyone prepares themselves for the blizzard that is midterms. 
Having done this five times before, I have finally gotten in the swing of both reveling in the slump as well as finding a way out just in time. 
First of all, there is no shame in taking a lazy period. As college students we are pushed to our limits both mentally and physically, and we all deserve a grace period. 

Take a mental health day.

Skipping class isn't the worst thing in the world, as long as you communicate with professors. One of the advantages of going to such a small school is that you develop relationships with your professors: They can tell when you haven't slept in 24+ hours and need a break, and most will be understanding about taking a day to yourself. Sleep in, eat healthy, watch some Netflix and chill out. 

Reorganize yourself

When I start to lag behind, I typically stop writing assignments down, or budgeting my time correctly. It always helps to take an hour to sit down and reorganize my life. This could involve cleaning my room, replying to a few emails, or just writing a "To-Do" list. 

Develop a routine and adapt

Figure out a schedule for yourself and change it if it doesn't work. Make sure you are budgeting time in to sleep. Setting reminders on your phone is always helpful. The healthier you are, the more productive you can be in a given amount of time. Getting adequate sleep, healthy food, and moderated excercise are all incredibly important for your day. If you aren't particularly athletically inclined (like me), start with something small. A jog/walk around the block or 10-20 minutes of yoga when you first wake up (there are some great beginner tutorials on YouTube), is a great way to start your day feeling awake and energized. 

Pretty soon, you'll begin to feel stronger and healthier, and that slump will be a thing of the past!