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Stress Eating (Aka My Regular Diet)


What’s on your plate this week? How many chapters of your psychology book do you need to read by Tuesday? Wait, how many pages does that Sex in Society paper need to be? Why isn’t Jimmy responding to my text messages?

Life is STRESSING ME OUT. So what is there do when we are stressed out?

Well, that’s a good option. For me, I tend to cry, sleep, or eat when I’m stressed. But mostly cry and eat. When I’m overwhelmed, I tend to drop my diet and eat anything and everything.

Now, there is no way to stop stress eating other than not being stressed (which won’t happen until late May). However, I have some tips for you!

1. Surround yourself with healthy food whenever possible so that when you’re stress eating, you’re eating healthy.

2. Keep a log of what you eat. You should do this normally, but make sure to follow this religiously, even when you’re stressed. By having to write it down, you will more likely feel guilty when you go insane and eat everything.

3. Think and be strong. This rule is similar to having self control in my DOs and DON’Ts of Dining Halls post; you should think before you eat. Remember how much of a setback it is if you eat three slices of pizza at a floor program. You can do it.

4. Go to the gym. Going to the gym will make you feel ten times better than if you go take a 30 minute nap (which always turns into 2 hours). By going to the gym, you will be happier, more awake, and prepared to take on whatever work needs to be done.

5. Smile and relax. Try to know your limits and handle yourself in a positive manner. We all know what it’s like to be stressed; we’re in the same boat as you. School is difficult and your school cares about your health more than your grades. Make sure to talk to someone (like a professional or friend) if it gets overwhelming and unbearable.

So, stress less and you’ll have more success!

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