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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ithaca chapter.

It’s no lie that music can impact all parts of our emotions and feelings. It can lift us up when we’re feeling sad, make us feel confident when we’re feeling insecure or even just validate our feelings when no one else does. When heading back to school for a new semester it makes sense that we would need a killer new playlist to get pumped about new classes, new friends, and maybe even a new you! 

“If I Can’t Have You” by Shawn Mendes

I’ve been loving this song lately! Shawn’s voice is so strong and that high note in the middle is everything. This song will definitely be on this semester while I’m neck-deep in classwork. The only difference between me and Shawn Mendes is when I’ll be singing along to this song it will go more like “I can’t write one more essay if someone doesn’t get me a pizza.” 


“Truth Hurts” by Lizzo

If you haven’t heard this song yet you must be living deep under a rock because Lizzo has just been killing it everywhere with this killer song. I first really fell in love with this song when it played in the Netflix original Someone Great. It instantly became stuck in my head. It’s a great song to have on your semester playlist to jam to with your girls and make you feel like such a badass.

“Breathin’” by Arianna Grande

School can be one of the most stressful things but remember everyone else is going through it to and you are strong. Listen to this amazing song and remember that even when you think its the end of the world just keep breathing and things will start to get better. This song will be playing on repeat for me this semester while I branch outside my comfort zone with some new types of classes. 


“I Don’t Care” by Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran

This song is a perfect one to listen to coming back to school. It reminds you to be yourself and stand out. There is no need to make yourself fit in when you have people around you who love you that want you to be the best you. Don’t waste your time thinking about what the rest of the world thinks, stand out, be you, and scream I DONT CARE!


“Beautiful People” by Ed Sheeran and Khalid

Everything about Ed Sheeran’s new album is amazing so I had to include another song. Plus no playlist is complete without a Khalid song. This song is so inspiring and beautiful. It reminds us to be true to ourselves and not focus too much on material possessions. The music is perfect and the lyrics really make you think about who you are. The collab of Ed and Khalid’s styles make for the most amazing mix of sultry and soulful that I will be listening to for years to come.

“Hey Look Ma I Made It” by Panic! At The Disco

Being a huge Panic! fan I had to include this song about letting your mom know that you got past everything and made yourself into something amazing. This song is so catchy and one I will be singing all semester, especially as a senior! Who knew we would make it to senior year. This song is just so fun to sing along to and dance around your room. It will help brighten up a bad day when you think about everything you have accomplished in your life. Don’t dwell on the negatives, celebrate the positives! 


Victoria is a senior Emerging Media major with minors in Sociology and Women's and Gender Studies at Ithaca College with aspirations to go into business (maybe be a CEO one day). She loves to read a good YA fantasy book (Slytherin forever) or watch great TV shows. She is passionate about traveling, music, and reading.
Allaire is an inquisitive and confident lady who loves to watch reruns of her favorite shows (Bones anyone?) and enjoy the finer things in life like sand in between her toes, the sun on her skin and chocolate ice cream. Allaire is a senior Sociology major and Women and Gender Studies minor with aspirations to be a human rights lawyer and a songwriter. She is passionate about music, traveling and social justice.