Sarah Schum

Name: Sarah Schum

Hometown: Rochester, NY

Major: TV/R

On-Campus Activities: member of IC’s improv team


Her Campus Ithaca College: If you could guest star on any TV show, past or present, what would it be?

Sarah Schum: SNL. Hands down.

Who is your celebrity crush and what would you do if you saw them in person?

SS: My celebrity crush is Jonah Hill and if I saw him I think that I would be really, really nervous at first but I would still go over to him and introduce myself.

HCIC: What is your go-to first date outfit?

SS: Jeans. Like a tight pair of skinny jeans and then just, like, a shirt with a little bit of lace or just a plain shirt. And straight hair, definitely.

HCIC: What band do you wish would play in Ithaca?

SS: I think it would be cool if Simple Plan came back. It would be fun if they came back and played their old songs.

HCIC: What is the most rewarding thing about being on an improv team?

SS: Having a built-in nine best friends. They’re all so awesome and I feel like I can go to them about anything. And it’s nice improv-ing with them because we’re all so close and it’s a nice escape away from everything.

HCIC: Do you prefer improv to scripted comedy?

SS: I do. Just because it’s easier for me because scripted comedy, you can sound scripted and its just harder, too, to get your joke along, but when it’s improv you can just really make it up.

HCIC: What is a typical rehearsal like for improv?

SS: We start at the beginning, we get in a circle and we get all the bad stuff out and say all the bad stuff of your week and then you get all the good stuff out. And then we normally play one small game and then for the rest of it we’ll do long-form. So we almost do a show but nobody’s there.