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Roommates, Sophie Westergren and Molly Walsh

Sophie Westergren (left) and Molly Walsh (right)

Year: Freshmen

Instagrams SW: @sophnizzle MW: @mollywalsh97


Her Campus Ithaca College: How did you guys become roommates/how did you meet?

Sophie Westergren: We met on Facebook. I posted something about looking for a roommate and she messaged me. We instantly clicked.


HCIC: Differences you guys had to get through (if any)?

SW: We are probably the two most similar and different people all at once. It is unreal! There are times where we don’t see eye to eye on somethings. We have very different styles and personalities…kinda like sisters who are very different from each other.


HCIC: Favorite activities together?

Molly Walsh: We love watching Sex and the City together and just hanging out and talking.


HCIC: How did you guys prepare for move in?

SW: We texted a lot about what to bring like who’s bringing what and what to buy. That alone got me so excited for college and this never-ending sleepover.


HCIC: Favorite spot in Ithaca (off campus)?

MW: We love Purity Ice Cream and Mahogany Grill. So, so good. We get the same things every time.


HCIC: One word to describe your room?

SW: One word to describe our room would be girly-chic.


How are you involved on campus/clubs, sports, etc.?

SW: I am in the improv club and comedy club. 

MW: I am on the golf team.


HCIC: Where can we typically find you outside of class and your room?

MW: We are usually in our friend’s room down the hall or in the dining halls.


HCIC: Favorite event you’ve been to in Ithaca or on campus (ex. Apple Fest, Porch Fest, football game, etc.)?

SW: We went to Apple Fest together which was a lot of fun. I went to Porch Fest but Molly had homework.


HCIC: What is the best part about living together?

SW: The best part about living together is that we expand each other’s styles and view points. I show Molly new music and she shows me pop culture.


HCIC: Any advice for next year’s freshmen?

SW & MW: Advice we would give to freshmen is don’t expect your roommate to be your best friend. You can be friends, but when it comes down to it you never know who you’re going to get. We just got lucky.

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