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Quick Halloween Costumes

Halloween is coming up quick! Here are seven easy Halloween costume ideas that will leave your friends jealous!

The dancing girls emoji

A very cute and low maintenance costume, just grab a friend and have fun!


Another easy one, just get an oversized shirt of any color and use a marker to make it look like the fruit of your choice!

Rosie the Riveter

All you need to show off your girl power is a pair of jeans, a denim shirt and a red bandana!

Stick Figure

All you need are some glow sticks, a black outfit and some tape to create this look!

Damien from Mean Girls

Another costume that requires no skill: just your favorite hoodie, sunglasses, and a piece of paper.

Salt and Pepper

Just grab a friend, and either a white or black shirt to make this Halloween costume pop!

An Identity Thief

Simply dress in all black and put different name tags all over yourself.

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