Problematic Halloween Costumes You Should Definitely Avoid

I’m sure at one point or another we’ve all seen someone obliviously dressed up as a sexy Native American or Aladdin, but do they understand how problematic these costumes really are? Halloween is coming up which is why it is important to realize the connotations that come with these kinds of costumes.


Sexy Border Control Officer:

This costume is especially problematic considering the recent anti-immigrant feelings in our country


Inappropriate Social Media References:

The picture above from left to right are “Harambe the Gorilla,” “Kim Kardashian bound and gagged” and “sexy Donald Trump." Why anyone thinks these costumes are socially acceptable is beyond me.

Cultural Appropriation Costumes:

Apparently, 2010 era Paris Hilton thought that dressing up as a sexy Native American was a good idea, but it most definitely was not. We would think that people would have caught on by then, but clearly not Paris.

This guy thought it was okay to dress up as Kanye West and Gandhi. Keep in mind that blackface is never ever okay and comes with a huge history or racism and segregation.

These are just a few costumes you should definitely avoid this Halloween! Keep in mind the message that your costume may be giving off, but have fun!