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The People of Apple Fest

Apple Fest was last weekend reminding us that Fall is finally in Ithaca. The commons were filled with food, Ithaca College and Cornell students, families and local business; they all came together to celebrate the 34th Annual Apple Harvest Festival. It was quite the example of our Ithaca Community and quite the collection of apples. We decided to ask the people of Apple Fest what their favorite thing about the festival was, as well as what their favorite thing about fall was, here were some of their answers: 

Terrace Brophey (Junior, Exercise Science Major):

  • Favorite part about Apple Fest? Seeing all aspects of the Ithaca community, families college students, event Cornell kids. All aspects come together in the Commons
  • Favorite thing about Fall? All the events, all the holidays, all of my favorite sports. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Sunday football are all great.

Conor Friend (Junior with a double major in Politics and Economics):  

  • Favorite part about Apple Fest? My favorite thing about apple fest this year was going with my girlfriend, and eating macaroni and cheese. 
  • Favorite thing about Fall? The weather 

Christina Generoso (Junior, Occupational Therapy Major)

  • Favorite part about Apple Fest? Apple cider doughnuts 
  • Favorite thing about Fall? Oversized sweaters 

Walt Martzen (Sophomore, Theater Studies and Anthropology double major) 

  • Favorite part about Apple Fest? I love the Fairy Fest within Apple Fest, and I love the apple cider 
  • Favorite thing about Fall? In general, I love stepping on crunchy leaves 

Fedor Efremenko (Sophomore, Physics Major) 

  • Favorite part about Apple Fest? I liked the Mac and Cheese with apples!
  • Favorite thing about Fall? I like the sweet weather and colorful trees; when they turn red, yellow and orange. It just looks awesome

Sabrina Moulton (Sophomore, Integrated Marketing and Communications major)

  • Favorite part about Apple Fest? The maple cotton candy 
  • Favorite thing about Fall? Fall clothing

Sharanya Joshi (Sophomore, Politics major)

  • Favorite part about Apple Fest? Caramel covered apples
  • Favorite thing about Fall? The leaves changing colors

Anushka Rajbhandari (Junior, Accounting major) 

  • Favorite part about Apple Fest? Henna and Thai food!
  • Favorite thing about Fall? I love the changing color of the trees, and the opportunity to wear boots

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