Our Heroes Wear National Park Badges

With Trump, comes a whole host of fairly dramatic changes for our country. Whether you are on his side or not, this is a widely known fact and one that might not be in the best interest of our beautiful, fragile environment.

I think the ‘gag’ on government agencies, like the EPA, really sent red flags flying. Actions like determining the elimination of The Climate Action Plan, which is crucial to working against human impact on the environment, created a lot of stir in our beloved National Park Rangers, biologists, and environmentalists. Social media content, news releases, photos, and fact sheets were ordered to be stopped. Trump is considered a “climate change skeptic” and believes that climate change is a “hoax” created by the Chinese. The EPA and USDA have become a lot quieter in terms of information sharing regarding climate change and the large impact we have on the environment.

However, the National Park Service refuses to idly sit back and watch the chaos unfold without playing a much needed role. Their social media team went “rogue” and posted climate change facts on Twitter. I think it was more of an act of bravery and an unwillingness to take a backseat on this issue, rather than “going rogue”. This small act of defiance caused a stir within all of the National Park Service and soon the AltUSNatlParkService account was created in order to speak out to maintain a level of transparency and truth and keep the public as informed as possible on what’s going on around them.

Volunteering, donating, and supporting our National Parks’ efforts can help protect our public lands and hopefully stop bad politics from getting in the way.


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