The Other 4.0

The number most of us are all too familiar with: the 4.0. It hung over our heads throughout high school, felt it continually breathing down our necks, and this dreaded number was shoved in our faces day in and day out. However, in my personal experience, a person's smarts are measured beyond reaching a perfect GPA (but that is an entirely different argument!). 

So, this 4.0. The "perfect" grade point average that would open doors and bestow upon us countless opportunities which would vastly improve our lives. But what about the other 4.0 venturing outside the category of academia. Well, just (insert date), Julian Gordon came to Ithaca College campus and spoke about this exact topic. His lecture, titled The Other 4.0, gave students who attended a taste of some harsh truths about both college and their futures. I had the opportunity to participate in this event, and can personally say his words left a significant impact on me.  

Gordon's main points were about how we pay a mass (borderline ludicrous) amount of money to embark on our journey towards higher education, but yet, a significant amount of graduates do not find a job. This is a scary topic, and me being only a freshman, it certainly triggered a bit of anxiety within me. Not being a hundred percent sure what I wanted to do, the statistics Gordon showed in his PowerPoint about the odds of students getting jobs post-grad sent shivers down my spine.

However, I am glad Gordon did not sugarcoat these harsh truths, and he gave us students a bitter taste of reality. 

After Gordon caused the audience to sweat a bit nervously as we anxiously pondered about the whopping amount of debt and uncertainty our future may hold, he began to ease our fears by talking about how to make the most of college in order to be successful. He discusses starting with something you are passionate about, and not just focusing on a career. This made so much sense to me because if you go into a college solely focused on getting a job, you could lose out on passion which is a key to leading a successful life. 


Gordon discussed how time management is vital in college. Scheduling your day is a must, and to not be afraid to section blocks of time out for friends and time for yourself. I personally feel that this is quite important because I have noticed in this day and age if you aren't hustling 24/7 you are looked down upon. This should not be the case at all. It is essential to leave time to rest and to enjoy life. 

What I gained from Gordon's hefty two and a half-hour lecture is to find what makes me tick. Focusing on a passion, what drives you, provides that essential link to your potential career. Also, I learned that it is okay to have a good time too! To continually be doing academic work will only result in burning out and becoming drained. 

Gordon provided both a harsh wake-up call and a sign of relief. I can confidently say I have been thoroughly informed about what the other 4.0 means. Hopefully, if you were able to attend this lecture, you feel enlightened as well.