My Top 10 Bratz Doll Looks that AREN’T James Charles

If you didn’t know, Bratz dolls were a huge early 2000’s phenomenon, challenging Barbie’s polite, pink and blonde exterior with big heads, big lips and even bigger attitude. The Bratz featured a book series, a TV series and of course a live action movie. The Bratz doll trend started with a couple of influencers on Youtube and Instagram and has officially gone viral these past couple weeks.

Here are some of my favorite looks…

1. @dope211



2. @amandaensing



3. @cyndeeblack



4. @Alfred Lewis III



5. @Timaloveslemons



6. @SusieJTodd



7. @Roxxsaurus






9. @Christen Dominique



10. @sonjdradeluxe



Which look did you like the best? Would you try it at home?