Most Relatable AJR Songs

AJR is a band of three brothers ranging from ages 29-22. They play music that combines elements from pop, doo-wop, electronic, and dubstep. Their music is fun, danceable, exciting and very relatable. Here is a list of some of the AJR songs with the most relatable lyrics. 


  1. 1. Don't Throw Out My Legos

    This song is all about moving away from home. It talks about getting a new apartment away from your parents with lyrics like “Saved up enough to rent an apartment, far away from mom and dad.” The song continues by talking about how even though he’s moving out he doesn’t want to throw out his legos. It says“'Cause I wanna move out, I don't wanna move on.” The Legos are a representation of his childhood. Of a time when it was safe and easy. He doesn’t want to give up everything about his childhood just because its time for him to leave the nest. The song finishes with one of the final lyrics “Oh, no, I'll come home when I'm grown, It won't be the same though.” Growing up is scary and sometimes we just need to know that all of our childhood isn’t gone and that everything will still be okay.

  2. 2. Birthday Party

    The idea of this song is that a baby was just born and is celebrating their 1-minute birthday party. The chorus uses the lyrics “Thank you for coming to my birthday party I am one minute old today And my minute's been going great and I hope it stays that way.” They are talking about how everything in the world and in their life is sure to be great. They make comments about the way the world is like in the lyrics “I bet my ignorance is always bliss except ignoring pigment in our skin, I bet my country's nice to immigrants, and that's just how it is.” The world can be hard and mean but for babies, you hope their lives will be great. That the wrongs of the world will be better for their lives than it was for yours. 

  3. 3. Next Up Forever

    This song is all about how you aren’t ready for something to happen so you want to be 2nd in line for everything. Life can come at you very quickly and you just need some more time before you are ready to go on with it. The song talks about how they are scared to drop their album and how they wish they could experience things over again and feel the excitement of it all over again. They are not ready for new things to start yet. My favorite lyric says “ I'm kinda scared of graduation, 'cause who am I when this is done? I wanna be next up forever, so the best is always yet to come.” Graduation is a terrifying idea. It forces you to enter the real world and it comes so quickly. This is represented in the lyric “I know I gotta grow up sometime, but I don't think I'm ready yet” Sometimes you need more time than life gives you to be ready for something that changes your whole life. 

  4. 4. It's On Us

    This song was written for the Its On Us campaign. This is a campaign to raise awareness of sexual assault prevention. It deals with the importance of including everyone in the conversation on sexual assault prevention. The song itself deals with the idea that whatever has happened to you is not your fault. It’s on our society for allowing this to happen to you and for making it feel like it’s your fault. In the song, the lyrics say “It's not your fault you don't feel safe. It's not your fault so don't take blame (No, it's on us).” Society hasn’t changed its tune to protect people from the dangers that exist. The song continues to let people know that “Though your trust is stolen, though your heart is broken, you are never broken.” If everyone joins together we can make a change. “We can try together, Make it right together, We can fight together.” It’s on us to change the world. 

  5. 5. Call My Dad

    This song is super short but basically the idea of it is that after a crazy night you really just need to go home. Everyone needs some support and you are never too old to just need your parents. They say “And now after it all, I just really wanna call my dad” Your family should always be there to offer you comfort no matter how old you are. 

  6. 6. Drama

    This is a song that is all about how people’s lives seem to revolve around drama. Even with all of the important events happening in the world people focus on gossip and celebrities and just drama. We are so focused on the he-said-she-said idea of things that sometimes we don’t focus on what is really important in our lives. They say, “Recently he said, that she said, that we said some shit that you wouldn't believe. Recently he said that she said that we said that he said some shit about me” Basically, “Hold up, hold up. Can we make it stop” and just focus on the important things in all our lives? 


Go listen to AJR because they are amazing.