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Morriah Lisowski: Her Campus Secretary

Name: Morriah Lisowski

Grade: Junior

Major: Writing for Film, TV, and Emerging Media 


Her Campus Ithaca College: What do you do as a member of the E-Board?

Morriah Lisowski: I’m the secretary of Her Campus which means I’m in charge of sending out reminders about meetings and publishing articles. I also answer questions students have about publishing for Her Campus and I write articles of my own for the website. 

HCIC: Favorite part about being a member of Her Campus?

ML: I love how there’s a lot of freedom with what you can write about. One week I can write an article about going raw vegan for a week and the next week I can write about why women shouldn’t feel guilty for not wanting children. The E-Board is truly wonderful and accepting community willing to take on any issue you want to write about no matter how controversial. 

HCIC: What are your other hobbies?

ML: I love free writing whenever I can as well as taking pictures and drawing. I love to cook and take good care of my nutrition and fitness is also really important to me so I try to exercise, take workout classes, and go on walks whenever I can. 

HCIC: What else are you involved in on campus?

ML: I’m a Scheduling Assistant for Campus Center Events, I’m a social media manager for ICTV Fake Out and a writer for ICTV Director’s Chair. 

HCIC: What is your favorite place to go on campus, either to study or just hang out?

ML: I love going to the pub to do work because unlike the library, I find it less stressful. In the library you can almost feel all of the anxiety everyone has about their work and projects whereas the Pub has a friendlier vibe. Sometimes there’s even events or performances you can watch to take a break from your work. 

HCIC: What is your favorite place off campus and why?

ML: Cinemapolis is like a second home to me. Whenever I’m feeling super stressed out, I love getting a bag of fancy artisanal popcorn and watching a weird artsy movie you can’t always find at the big name theaters with a group of friends.

McKinley is a Senior Public and Community Health Major who drinks too much coffee and stays up too late.
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