Mina DiFilippo on The March For Our Lives Ithaca

Her Campus Ithaca College: Why did you attend the March?

Mina DiFilippo: I attended the March because I thought it was an important way to contribute the cause and make my voice heard and presence felt


HCIC: Do you think the March will accomplish anything?

MD: I think the March educates encourages participants to participate more actively in their government, and the government can’t ignore a movement that is this large.


HCIC: What was the general feeling about the March?

MD: I heard mostly positive things about the March, even from people who I didn’t expect to feel that way. People felt it was important that the youth are finally standing up in such a powerful way for issues that have gone unaddressed.


HCIC: Can you see the issue of gun control being dealt with in Congress after this March?

MD: I think that it is very realistic that we will see gun reform at some level occur. Many states and businesses have already started; the federal government just has to follow.


HCIC: What was your favorite thing about the March?

MD: My favorite thing was the overall feeling of positivity and encouragement and how all demographics were included, acknowledged, and celebrated as part of this issue.