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Meet the Eboard: Shayna DePersia

Major: Integrated Marketing Communications

Hometown: New York, New York

Favorite Activities: I love working out and staying active — always up for a game of beach volleyball (if it wasn’t so cold all the time.) In my spare time I like free writing, reading, watching I Love Lucy, and simply laying down and thinking.

Her Campus Ithaca College: How did you first get involved with Her Campus?

Shayna DePersia: I was roommates will Holly, the president, freshman year. When she started the chapter I was right there with her supporting her and the club. Didn’t take very long for me to love being a part of Her Campus.

HCIC: What is your role in Her Campus?

SD: I’m the social media director! Always have been and will be as long as I can!

HCIC: What is your favorite part about Her Campus?

SD: My favorite part about Her Campus are the members. Everyone can be a writer, and this organization really does display that. Doesn’t matter what your major is, what year you are, or what you like to do, anyone can be a part of this organization and feel important and welcomed.

HCIC: Favorite spot on campus and why?

SD: My favorite spot on campus is any course I take in a classroom that has windows that exposes the campus. I love watching the campus in action — seeing people interact with each other, rush to class, just seeing the flow of college life.

HCIC: Any advice for underclassmen or incoming freshmen?

My advice would be to breath. This is a big part of your life and like any big part of your life it’s going to be full of ups, downs, curveballs, and so much more. We tend to let frustration and our mistakes get the best of us, but the truth is we are meant to make these mistakes because our mistakes are what make us who we are. Take what you can out of a situation, take obstacles and turn them into opportunities, and I promise you’ll make it through!

Hi! I'm the Campus Correspondent for Ithaca College's Her Campus chapter and a double major in English and Politics (International Studies). I'm an equestrian, a lover of music and dance, and an aspiring writer and avid reader. While my long term goal is to teach political theory at the college level, I am planning to enter the workforce for a few years hopefully continuing to read, write, and edit. Her Campus has been my home since my freshman year, and it brings me so much joy to continue to write and run our chapter in my last year at school.
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