Mariah Gower

This week’s campus cutie is Mariah Gower, a sophomore Vocal Performance major from the Jersey Shore.  Her home is on the stage, but when she is not performing in various ensembles and operas, Mariah can be found perusing her other love: history and politics. Mariah is an essential member to the Model United Nations team, which allows her to find a happy balance in her academic life as well as make many great new friends.


HC: What are three fun facts about yourself?


MG: I have a twin sister. I lived in Paris for four months. I can sing every Beatles’ guitar riff on cue.


HC: Who is your secret celebrity crush?


MG: Gene Wilder, circa 1968.


HC: What is your dream date? (Sorry boys, she’s taken)


MG:  A hot, beautiful summer night in some crowed, bustling city, it could be basically anywhere. I could picture it on several continents. You can feel excitement and relaxations and energy anywhere.


HC: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?


MG: I have absolutely no idea!


HC: Where is your favorite place to shop?


MG: Way too many places to decide! But, some pretty standard go-to’s are thrift stores, Urban Outfitters and American Apparel (the sale racks, obviously).


HC: Last question. What do you love to do in your spare time?


MG: I love to go adventuring. It combines some pretty awesome parts of life: new discoveries, new personalities, people watching, fact learning. There are major magnificent discoveries to be made! Yay!