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Maiah Overdorf: Sox-tober Style

As a freshman at Ithaca College, it’s easy to say everyone just wants to fit in with the crowd. But Ithaca College freshman Maiah Overdorf is not one to fall in with the rest of the pack. The ambitious Psychology major has a distinct style that reflects her bubbly personality.  Maiah has taken the average sock and brought it into a new stylish light as she declares, “This is 2015, quirky is the new sexy!” Here’s the scoop on Maiah’s “socktastic” fall style:

HC Ithaca: As a freshman, how are you enjoying Ithaca College so far?

Maiah Overdorf: I really like college so far. The freedom is nice and it seems like there is an endless amount of things to do. It’s weird not having my close friends here because I’ve been friends with them for a long time. But I still love making new friends. I love meeting other people from my major who are just as dorky as I am.

HCIC: What would you describe your style as?

MO: I don’t even know I dress so differently. I guess it’s laid back. I never really wear anything that isn’t comfortable. I sometimes like to throw in a statement piece like a big hat or a fur jacket. I guess you could say it’s fun. That’s it. My style is fun!”

HCIC: What are your staple fall pieces?

MO: Hmm I love my Kurt Vonnegut t-shirt and it can be worn with pretty much anything. My fleece-lined flannel is also one of my favorites. It’s warm enough that I don’t have to wear another jacket with it! My black big-rimmed hat is really cute as well as dark lipsticks.

HCIC: What stores do you typically shop at?

MO: H&M its cost effective yet stylish. I really like Urban Outfitters too but I usually go to Forever 21 to find stuff that looks like it’s from Urban since it’s cheaper. Mostly little boutiques in Buffalo [where I’m from] and consignment and thrift stores because I’m all about deals.

HCIC: Who is your style icon? And has anyone ever influenced your style?

MO: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is definitely my style icon. No one can rock a jean skirt like Sarah Michelle Gellar in Season 1 Buffy. My mom and I dress pretty similarly too. My mom is a more sophisticated version of me. She would describe her style as artsy.

HCIC: Which pair of socks is your favorite and why?

MO: I love my Starry Night socks because I am a big fan of going to art galleries; they’re really relaxing to me. When I was younger I was a big Van Gogh fan. My friend got me the socks as a gift and they’re pretty cool.

HCIC: Where are some of your go-to sock shops?

MO: The Internet! If you Google any types of socks it will come up with what you want. I like art gallery gift shops. They always have cool socks. There is also a store 40 minutes outside of where I live that is dedicated to just socks.

HCIC: Would you consider yourself passionate about fashion?

MO: Only in the sense that fashion is a form of self-expression. I wish I knew more about fashion in terms of the fashion world, but it’s not something I’ve ever looked into. I love wearing little pieces of myself such as my socks as a way to express who I am.

HCIC: How do you plan to transition your style as temperatures start to drop after fall?

MO: I plan to wear tights under my skirts and more layers of sweaters. My style remains relatively the same year round in terms of color schemes and types of clothes. It just gets heavier for the colder weather.

HCIC: Finally, what’s on your fall playlist?

MO: Oh man! Hold on let me grab my computer for my Spotify account. Wow this is so much pressure. Lately I’ve been really into Pink Floyd, The Parquet Courts, Foxygen, Dead Maris Bones- it’s Ryan Gosling’s band, also Simon and Garfunkel have a special place in my heart. Also “Androgynous” by the Replacements, “No Destruction” by Foxygen, “In the Flesh” by Pink Floyd and “ The Only Living Boy in New York” by Simon and Garfunkel are some of my favorite songs at the moment. My music taste is really random and always changing. Tomorrow my favorite songs list will be very different. 

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