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Lynzi’s Five: Celeb Tweets Of The Week


Another week means another plethora of celebs speaking their mind. Where? Well we all know that: Twitter. Don’t want to search through your whole Twitter feed to see what you missed out on this week? Don’t worry; we’re here with the latest and greatest:

1. Rebel Wilson

We were THRILLED when this tweet popped up. The fact that the Pitch Perfect crew was back at it rehearsing for the MTV Movie Awards made us want to watch it THAT much more, even with all of the crazy shenanigans that were bound to happen. So how pleased were with the performance? Let’s just say Rebel and the crew did not disappoint us; they were aca-mazing.

2. Stephen Colbert

On Monday, Colbert tweeted out to his large number of followers to also follow his, apparently, good friend – “PrezBillyJeff”. Yes, you guessed it – former President Bill Clinton. First of all, props to Mr. President on the handle creativity; that is quite a name to go by on twitter. Second of all, think of all of the followers that Billy Jeff now has because of Colbert’s shout-out. Imagine if Bill had a twitter when he was in the Oval Office? We’d be seeing some pretty interesting tweets. Inappropriate?  Nah, we think not.

3. Jimmy Kimmel

One of many celebs, Kimmel tweeted out his thoughts for Jonathan Winters, the late comedic genius who passed away at 87 on Thursday night. Other celebs like Joel McHale, Jim Carrey, John Stamos and Bob Newhart tweeted their prayers for Winters, praising him for all that he had done and what they had learned from him. RIP, Mr. Winters.

4. Amanda Bynes

Of course, Miss Amanda has once again made our top five. Surprise, surprise. This time, it was with her tweet completely bashing Perez Hilton after a long twitter feud between the two. Besides this tweet, Bynes posted “selfies” of Perez next to her own and other things telling her followers not to listen to anything Perez says. With this, Perez makes our number five tweet of the week with this:

5. Perez Hilton

Out of all of his tweets back to and about Amanda, this one was probably Perez’s best and most accurate. As much as we sometimes can really disagree with him, we’re all about his new trending hashtag for Amanda. Pull it together, girl. You’re making us actually agree with Perez, and we miss the old you!


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