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Love, Lust, and Anything in Between

“My heart just pooped its pants” – Tina Belcher (Bob’s Burgers)

Valentine’s Day comes with the notion of love and romance with little cartoon cherubs circling above your head while the birds chirp and the sun shines; the typical celebration for those in “regular/normal” relationships. However, “normal” is totally subjective and maybe normal for some means an open relationship while normal for others means being completely monogamous with your significant other or maybe, you’re going into Valentine’s Day wondering what to do with your fling you met a week ago. And if you’re flying solo, spending the day loving your friends can be just as fun. For all shapes and sizes of relationships, there is always something to do for your person.

Monogamous Relationship

Whether you’re across the country or see your boo every day for lunch, some sweet DIY love can always be appreciated. Making cards, writing poems, or making a collage of your favorite memories together can all be heartfelt expressions of how much you love and appreciate your person. If you’re up for an adventure (and not too far away) maybe a hike or ice skating would be fun to celebrate the day together.

Open Relationship

I honestly have never been in an open relationship but all the power to those who fully embrace that and make it their own. Clarifying expectations and plans early on could help avoid miscommunication and stress. Maybe focusing on just the two of you this Valentine’s Day to get closer and catch up would be a fun way to celebrate your relationship. Grab a movie or cook dinner together could be great ways to relax and reconnect after a long week of classes. Also, do your own thing too if that’s more how you and your partner operate. Balancing time between with your partner(s) might be tricky so planning out different things for the day with whoever you want might help keep the stress of Valentine’s Day down.

New Fling

Let’s say you just started talking/dating someone you met on Tinder and things are going well and then the awkward topic of Valentine’s Day comes up. Don’t let a day dedicated to love make you feel like you can’t partake even if your current relationship status is unknown or on the casual side of the spectrum. Make them a playlist of your favorite music so they can get to know you a little better or invite them over to hangout with you and your friends. If you make things awkward, they will most definitely be awkward. Try not to obsess about what the intentions are that come with Valentine’s Day. Have fun and get to know this new person better.

(Pal)entine’s Day

Even if you’re in any kind of a relationship or not, this day can still be about sharing your love with your people. Spending the day with pals is never the wrong way to go. Get your favorite foods, fire up Netflix, and invite all of your friends to watch cheesy rom-coms and stay up way too late. Celebrate love, no matter who that’s with or what that means to you. Valentine’s Day can actually be super inclusive and fun!

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