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Life of Kylie: Kylie Jenner Gets Her Own Show

E! has just announced the inevitable—Kylie Jenner is getting her own reality TV show. Life of Kylie is only currently scheduled for eight episodes, but considering Jenner's popularity on Snapchat (where she already basically has her own TV show), and her family's wildly popular show in its 13th season, I'm sure the show will be renewed for more seasons. 

The show is set to follow Jenner through her days as a makeup mogel and influencer. The 19-year-old business woman is an executive producer for the show, adding another thing to the teen's crazy schedule. Jenner has tried her hand at modelling, and in 2015 launched a bestselling makeup line, beginning with Kylie LipKits and has since expanded into other makeup products. In addition to her solo makeup line, Jenner also designs clothes with her older sister Kendall Jenner and the sisters have had brand deals in the past with companies such as OPI, Steve Madden, and Topshop. The sisters have also done joint and solo media appearences for brands. Most recently, Kylie opened a pop-up shop in LA where she sold her lipkits and merch for the Kylie Cosmetics company.

"This show will allow me to give them [fans] a peek inside all of the exciting things I am working on as well as some personal time with friends,” Jenner said in a statement. Hopefully the show will give us some sort of insight into what is going on with Jenner's on-and-off (I think they're off right now?? Who knows...), relationship with Tyga.

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