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James Charles X Morphe Palette

YouTuber James Charles recently announced his latest and greatest project, his collaboration with makeup brand Morphe Cosmetics. James’s creation, the 39-pan Artistry Palette, went live on the Morphe website on November 13 and sells for $39.

Although for the time being the palette is sold out on their website, Morphe plans to restock soon. Until then, James also announced the palette as being released in all Ulta Beauty retail stores as well as online for the same price. 

As far as the palette’s colors go, this one has all of the pigmented colors of the rainbow and then some. The eyeshadow shades range from a matte red to a metallic amethyst purple and a matte true white to a matte true black. 

James designed this palette for people to be able to create any look they want. Whether you’re going for a subtle and neutral look or a bold and colorful one, you can achieve them with these shades.

I personally ordered my own James Charles palette the minute they went live on the Morphe website. I’m so excited that someone in the beauty community like James dedicated their time and effort to create such a colorful palette. So many mainstream brands release the same neutral palettes, and I’m honestly bored by them. I use makeup as a way to express myself and I love to wear colorful looks that give me a lot of confidence. 

This palette is going to sister slay. I’m very excited to unleash my inner artist!

I am a Freshman at Ithaca College with a major in Psychology. I'm a member of Ithaca's Honors Program. I have a great passion for women's rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and human rights in general. When I'm not doing schoolwork, I'm probably catching up on the latest Jeffree Star video or binge-watching Jenna Marbles until sunrise.
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