IC Unbound Performer, Sammi Seidita

Name: Sammi Seidita

Major: Physical Therapy

Hometown: Plainview, NY

Her Campus: Your performance was amazing! How long did you have to put together the routine before the big show?

Sammi Seidita: Thank you! I’m glad you liked it! We had 6 weeks to put our routine together. That included selecting our music, choreographing, choosing our costume, and countless late night rehearsals. Typically, we have the whole semester to put together a piece so we worked our tails off to create this piece.

HC: Did the celebratory nature of the event influence your choice of music or choreography at all?

SS: The celebratory nature of the event most definitely influenced our choice of music and the choreography. We knew we wanted to do something super big once we discovered the magnitude of the event. We wanted to create an engaging experience for the audience -- something that would keep them having fun the whole time. Being that we were celebrating Ithaca College over 125 years, we chose popular songs from each of the decades to represent a transition through time. We felt that would also keep the audience on their toes and excited to see what song would come next. The dancers in this piece consisted of our E-board members who all have different styles of dance they love doing so it was important for us to incorporate all of our ideas and choreography, and keep the piece very dynamic.

HC: I know Unbound is composed of many more members than we’re highlighted on stage, how did you get involved in this piece?

SS: I’m the treasurer of IC Unbound Dance Co. and we decided that the E-board members would dance for the 125th Anniversary. Our E-board likes to perform an E-board dance in our showcase each semester so the E-board will be fortunate enough to perform this piece again on December 10th, 2017 as our E-board dance. So, for those who missed it the first time, here’s your second chance!

HC: Was it nerve wracking performing in front of such a large audience?

SS: That was the largest audience I’ve ever had the opportunity to perform for and of course it was a little intimidating. But I know IC Unbound Dance Co. always brings it so we were more excited than nervous. It was our priority to go out there, do what we love, and share in the celebration.

HC: How did being a part of the celebration as a performer, as opposed to just attending, make you feel connected to the event?

SS: It was an absolute honor to perform in the celebration. It made me that much more grateful for my time here at IC. Performing made me feel like I was adding on to Ithaca College’s story and made me feel genuinely appreciated as an active IC student. It encouraged me to get even more involved on campus in the future.

HC: When is the next Unbound event?

SS: While IC Unbound Dance Co. performs at numerous events on campus throughout the semester, our next big event is our showcase coming up on December 10th, 2017. We have a 2 pm and 8 pm show in Emerson Suites.