I Tried Thrifting With Emma Chamberlin’s Favorite Thrifting App so You Don’t Have To

I’m here to give you the honest, truth on whether this trendy shopping app is worth downloading. Depop may be a favorite of YouTube star Emma Chamberlin but don’t let the name scare you away. I’ve loved five out of six of my Depop purchases, which is weird because I don’t usually like shopping for clothes online. There’s always the fear of sizing issues, shipping fees, and the uncertainty of knowing how the clothes will turn out. Over the years I’ve made a lot of changes in my personal style and Depop not only helped me find new clothes that actually fit me, but also helped me explore fashion trends I didn’t even know I’d like. What I like most about the app is not only can you can search for specific sizes, styles, prices, and items, but also, because clothes are sold by normal people and not fashion companies, you can usually trust the quality without overspending.

Why Thrift Online?

For a long time, I didn't put much thought into what I wore. I hid under baggy sweaters and leggings because I never felt confident enough to wear anything out of the ordinary. Thrifting allowed me to open myself up to new designs, color patterns and themes I’d never pick up in the store. As a broke college student, thrifting is a great way to save money on designer clothes that are half the price and last longer than department store clothing. Not to mention, thrifting helps save the environment by eliminating fast fashion. You’re also less likely to be caught wearing the same shirt as someone else at school.

Sadly, without a car and living in the middle of Ithaca, it’s hard to find nice places to thrift that aren’t expensive boutiques. Even growing up in the city, where there are thrift stores on practically every block, it’s nice to shop at ease online in the comfort of your home.


How Does it Work?

You can create a FREE account on your phone or online and the virtual store is officially open for business 24/7! Thrifting online is a lot like thrifting at the store, some days you find the perfect pair of jeans on sale for $5 and sometimes you find nothing at all. It’s all about knowing your style, budget, and how you want to spice up in your style.


I recommend finding a good couple of Depop sellers who meet your style and budget list. In the search bar, you can look up keywords like “high waisted jeans” or “vintage cropped shirt” and find a variety of options. If you’d like to get more specific with your search you can go to filters and choose the size, brand, price, etc. and don’t feel limited to womenswear, there are plenty of cute flannels in menswear!

When you find something you like, you can click buy and see the shipping fees.


It’s important to remember most Depop sellers are willing to negotiate if you message them. The reason there are shipping fees is so sellers can make a profit from selling their clothes on Depop.

My First Purchase

I had just moved to LA in August with only one pair of shorts packed...I’d scrolled on Depop before but I’d never actually bought anything. Since every store was miles away from me, it just made sense to buy something online. I found a couple of pairs of white-washed blue shorts but I wanted to try something different. I knew I wanted a cute cheap pair of high waisted shorts that were only a tad bit out of my comfort zone.

I searched for khaki shorts and after some scrolling, I was happy to find this pair below from @gbbyrdy.


I was so happy to have made the purchase and when the shorts arrived they were packed in a tight plastic bag with stickers and a little note from the seller.

I opened them up and they looked and fit exactly like the model advertised.

I’d also bought a couple more items below...

Blue Jean Shorts


Patterned Turtleneck


Black High-Cut Dress


Khaki Jeans


The only purchase I didn’t like was a long white floral dress that was my most expensive purchase. The gown was completely see-through and was cut far too low to be seen in public. This was a classic example of false advertising and I became more skeptical of my purchases.

My tips

  • Pay attention to the reviews the person has, specifically on items you want to purchase

  • Pay close attention to their rating and how many followers they have

  • Don’t trust clothing that only has one or two pictures and remember, you can message the sellers about any questions you have and closer images of what you want to buy


I had a lot of luck with my first purchase when I was trying to find a cute pair of shorts. The quality of the clothing lasts even after a couple washes and I don’t find myself bumping into people wearing the same exact outfit anymore.


There are shipping fees that vary depending on your location and how you negotiate with the Depop seller. Shipping times can vary depending on the seller and when they send out your clothing. There’s no guarantee that the clothing won’t have any wear or tear. Remember you’re buying USED clothing but most sellers are open about any scratches or rips and usually offer discounts.

Selling Your Clothes

Also, if you start feeling up to it you can start selling your very own clothes online as well. Most people who start selling build up an Instagram following first so more people follow your account and buy your clothing.

You can either pay for your own shipping and packaging or share a cut of the proceeds with Depop to have them cover shipping and handling.

Good Luck and Happy Shopping!