How Not to Waste Your Weekends in Ithaca

Before it gets too cold this fall, use your weekend time to hit all the hot spots in Ithaca! 

1. Go to the Farmer’s Market

Located off 3rdStreet, the Ithaca Farmer’s Market is an amazing place to go to sit by the water, eat an amazing gyro, and enjoy the views of Cayuga Lake. It’s open Thursday nights in the summer, and Saturdays and Sundays throughout the fall. 


2. Go Bowling

The Bowl-O-Drome is the bowling alley closest to the Commons, and is actually just a couple minutes away from the Farmer’s Market! If you enjoy bowling, or just hanging out with your friends, this is the place for you!


3. Get Dinner in the Commons

The Ithaca Commons is a great place for dinner if you want to try something new, or if you want something you know and love. Hawi, an Ethiopian restaurant, serves delicious and authentic Ethiopian cuisine if you’re looking for something a little different. But, if you’re in the mood for something you’ll probably know, the Ithaca Ale House and Red’s Place have great menus of American dishes. 


4. Hike a Gorge

Ithaca is riddled with absolutely stunning gorges, some more well-known than others. Something like Taughannock Falls will be a well maintained trail and has multiple Instagram worthy waterfalls. You can probably find another gorge that hasn’t been as traversed by simply going on a hike in the woods or other natural lands. 


5. Visit Stewart Park

Stewart Park is a cute little park you can walk around, play on the playground and chase some ducks! If it’s not too cold, stick around to watch an absolutely beautiful sunset. 

6. Go Thrifting

Finally, Ithaca has some great places to go thrift shopping! Besides the Salvation Army, there’s the Ithaca Reuse center, where people from the community donate items and volunteer to sort through those items and resell them. Hands down, Ithaca Reuse always has the best stuff, so make sure to go early before it’s all gone!