How to Have a Safe and Fun Night Out in College

So, you got into college, the moment has finally come, you’ve waited your whole life for this very night: your first college party.

For decades college parties have been depicted as these epic scenes where chiseled frat bros and Victoria Secret models alike take jell-O shot after jell-O shot, bend gracefully into keg stands, and successfully jump from rooftops into luminescent pools surrounded by cheering crowds.

However, not all college parties are like this-unless yours are and want to pass along the info. And while going out in college can be super fun and a great way to bond with new friends, it is important to keep your safety at the forefront of your mind. Here are some quick tips on how to stay safe while having a good time out at your first and future college parties.

  1. 1. Buddy System

    Yes, your first college party experience should resemble your 4th-grade class field trip to the zoo. But seriously, staying with a group of friends, even if you feel like you haven’t fully established relationships with them yet is a good way to make sure no one gets lost or pressured into situations they are not comfortable in. It’s also a great way to get to know your new friends and have a hungover laugh the next morning over the previous nights’ events.


  2. 2. Charge your phone…DO IT!

    This is one that is easily forgotten but an important precautionary measure when out on the town. If for whatever reason your buddy wanders off and you are left drunk, alone, and unsure how to get home, it is crucial to have a means of contacting the right people in order to find your friends or return home safely. It is also very important to be able to call proper authorities if you find yourself in an unsafe situation. Having a charged phone also allows you to post how cute y’all look at the club, just saying.


  3. 3. Don’t accept drinks from strangers/ever leave your drink unattended.

    This cute guy has been chatting you up all night. He offers to buy you a drink. You’re scared if you say no he’ll think you’re not interested (but you so are because he’s HOT) but you’ve also been told not to take drinks from strangers. What do you do? Don’t take your eyes off that drink. As long as you see it being made and handed to you with no interceptions, you should be okay. But the critical point in this and ALL drink related scenarios is to never. ever. take your eye off your drink. People are scary, it’s not worth it.


  4. 4. Avoid big buckets of mystery alcohol at parties!

    Often times at large parties there is a big bucket-sometimes trash cans (GAG) filled with various different types of liquors called jungle juice. It smells disgusting, tastes disgusting, and can easily be spiked with drugs. Just stay away, you’re not missing out.


  5. 5. Get a designated driver or UBER! 

    It’s late, you’re tired and drunk and just want to order dominos and call it a night. Girl, we’ve all been there. I was there last weekend. But your Uber’s 20 minutes away, driving in loops, and is $30. Your car is only a block away. DO NOT drive yourself home! By doing this you are not only putting yourself and everyone else on the road in danger. Also, do not walk home alone drunk and late at night -but you wouldn’t be doing that because you have a buddy…RIGHT?


  6. 6. It’s okay to say no!

    That guy you were talking to earlier is way drunker than you and keeps offering you more to drink. You’re already feeling a little drunker than you wanted to be and don’t want to drink anymore. It’s TOTALLY fine to say no! He’s also really interested in what you plan to do after the bar and keeps asking you to come back to his place with him. You’re starting to get uncomfortable. Say no and be true to how you feel in the moment! Go find your buddies--who I know you have within eyeshot because of rule number one.


  7. 7. Eat and hydrate before you drink! 

    Drunkenness can sneak up on you like that term paper you told yourself wasn’t due for a month. It has arrived and there is no turning back. Eating dinner and drinking water before going out can keep you from getting too drunk too fast. Also, drinking water after a night filled with dancing and tequila can really help reduce the symptoms of the colossal hangover you’re going to have the next day.


  8. 8. If you’re worried about a friend, call an RA or campus police

    If your friend is dangerously drunk and showing signs of alcohol poisoning, it is vital that you get them the medical attention they need. If your friend is unconscious call 911 immediately. DO NOT be worried that you or your friend will get in trouble because you have both been underage drinking, their safety takes precedence.


Now that you know some tips on how to stay safe at college parties, what are you waiting for?! Stop reading this and get out there! But always be sure to follow the above safety tips for a good night out. Because hey, college isn’t just for learning. But it primarily is, do your work.