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How to Get Yourself Hyped for Christmas

Everyone always has mixed opinions about when the Christmas season actually starts, but I’m here to tell you it starts right now. Others disagree, but you can still get in the holiday spirit without starting a fight with someone. Grab your bells and get ready to have a blast, because Christmas is coming!

1. Listen to Christmas Music on the Down Low

If you play it too loud, someone will call you out. If you play it too much, you’ll get sick of it before November is even over. The solution? Play a few Christmas songs whenever you feel like it’s right, but don’t get too crazy. 

2. Decorate Your Room

You don’t need to redo your entire room red and green to get ready for Christmas! Adding simple things like string lights, little snowflakes, and maybe even a teeny tiny tree can help make your room feel like Christmas without being too overpowering.

3. Start Shopping

If you’re into buying gifts for everyone you know and their mother, a great and secret way to get yourself hyped up is to start brainstorming now. That way, when it’s Christmas shopping crunch time and everyone else is stressed out, you’re all ready to wrap your gifts and hand them out.


4. Watch Elf

Even if none of your friends agree to watch it with you because it’s “too early for Christmas,” watching Elf is a cute and fun way to hype yourself up, while also getting a chance to relax and unwind. 

5. Christmas Candy

Get yourself down to the nearest store and buy yourself some Christmas themed candy! Whether you like peppermint bark or those Christmas tree shaped peanut butter cups, candy is the perfect way to indulge yourself and get ready for Christmas. Even better, you can always hide your secret Christmas candy celebration by saying it’s the only candy they had at the store!

McKinley is a Senior Public and Community Health Major who drinks too much coffee and stays up too late.
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