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Helpful Hints: Ways to get around Campus during Bad Weather

Was that rain on Thursday? Or snow? What was that stuff persisting on blowing right into my face?
Like it or not it looks like the wintery weather has arrived and we must resign ourselves to a lot of wet days and dropping temperatures. As much as we want to curl up in sweatpants and blankets in our toasty dorm rooms, we must emerge for class and the wonderful co-curricular involvements that keep us so busy.

So don’t let the bad weather keep you indoors! Here are a few sneaky ways to cross campus with limited exposure to the elements.
First year students, it is time to discover these special routes if you have not already. The routes marked with black diamonds are extra tricky to figure out on your own so be prepared to ask for directions or for the first time go with someone who are already familiar with this shortcut. Please note that following these directions will add a few minutes onto your travel time so plan accordingly. 

To see a larger version of the map, visit our photo blog!

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