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Spring has sprung on South Hill. As the warm weather approaches, we see more and more IC students making their way out of residence hall hibernation and onto the beautiful campus we spend each day at. Wondering what to do during your last month here this year? No worries, HCIC has got your back with an Ithacan spring bucket list:

-Hike to the gorges – and maybe take a jump! If the water’s not too cold, that is.

-Treat yourself with some fine dining downtown. We have some of the best restaurants!

-Whip out the Frisbee and play some Kan-Jam on the quads!

-Actually WALK to the commons from campus – great workout and wonderful sightseeing.

-Who doesn’t love a good refresher! Hit up Cayuga Creamery or one of our many delicious Fro-Yo places.

-Take advantage of the awesome trails behind campus and go hiking.

-21+! Go on a wine tour for a change in scenery and some guaranteed fun times.

-Farmer’s Market. That is all. GO.

-Check out the beautiful Ithaca nature at Taughannock or Buttermilk falls.

-Get colorful in the 4H-Color Run! Happening on April 28th at Stewart Park.

-Naps are a college kid’s best friend. The weather’s nice, so move from your bed to the quad. Best nap of your life.

-Attend IC Kicks Back! It’s in the quad, with all your friends, some great music and grilled food. What could be better?

-Go to a student organization event – IC Pride!

-Ithacapella concerts are INCREDIBLE. If you haven’t witnessed it, we highly recommend. The last one is Saturday April 13th at 8pm.

-And of course, keep up with the latest and greatest Her Campus articles.


Peace, Love and Spring!

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