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Five Reasons to Thank Your Parents

Being a college freshman and six hours away from home has made me realize how great my parents and my home are. Of course college is a new and overwhelmingly awesome experience, but sometimes it would be nice to transport yourself to your home on a Sunday morning where you could wake up to the smell of fresh muffins and cuddle with your favorite sibling (aka your dog). After two months away from home, there are a few things I’ve come to realize we all need to thank our parents for.

1. Hugs

There is nothing like a tight bear hug from your mom after a long and stressful day. You never think about how much you will miss being in your mom’s arms until the only way to see her is through a smartphone.


2. Dinner

The food, the conversation, everything about having a typical family dinner is something you greatly miss in college. Not only are you stuck with average chicken marsala, but you have to actually walk more than five feet to receive your dinner and then have to wait in an unfortunately long line for your meal. We all miss those one-of-a-kind, home cooked meals.


3. Vent Sessions

“How was your day?” It’s a daily question asked by our parents that usually irritated us because we would always just meaninglessly reply, “good.” College is full of ups and downs, and sometimes we all need to release our emotions to someone who genuinely cares. Talking to your parents over the phone is not as beneficial as talking to them in person, but it is something we become accustomed to being a college student away from home.


4. Giving You Space

As lovely as it is to spend time with your parents, sometimes you all need space from one another. Your parents understand that, and give you the space you need. Whether you want to read, listen to music or take a nap, your alone time is precious time that is difficult to find in college if you have to share your bedroom.


5. Reminders

“Do your laundry; clean your room; make sure to bring a snack.” All simple things we do every day. Now that you are on your own, it is your responsibility to remember all of these things, and it is much harder than you would think. Next time your mom or dad nags you to do your laundry, say thank you. Chances are you would have forgotten to do so and would have had no clean underwear!


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