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The footwear that has been the butt of online jokes for years has made a righteous comeback. That’s right: I’m talking about Crocs. 

Despite their recent rise in popularity, there are still naysayers who say that Crocs should never have been invented in the first place, let alone have come back into style. But why not? Here are three reasons why everyone should invest in a pair of Crocs. 


No one wants to wear heels, and sneakers are overdone. So, what kind of shoes are left that are comfortable? Crocs! There are even pairs that are fleece lined to keep your feet warm and cozy on cold days


Crocs have become a staple for VSCO girls and Instagram influencers, but they can be taken to the runway too. Back in 2017, Balenciaga sent models out on the runway at Paris Fashion Week wearing platform Crocs. Everyone from high fashion houses to high school girls can enjoy the appeal of Crocs.


The best part of owning a pair of Crocs? Jibbitz! These fun charms are the best way to personalize your Crocs. They’re available in so many different styles: there’s everything from cartoon characters to your favorite dessert. You can express your personality through any combination of Jibbitz.  

Crocs are fun shoes that are thankfully coming back into style. They’re not for everyone, but for everyone brave enough to wear them, they’re a great addition to your shoe collection. Do some shopping and invest in a pair today! 


Reilly Shingler is a junior at Ithaca College majoring in politics with a minor in education studies. She is the treasurer of Ithaca's chapter of HerCampus and is also on the executive board for Ithaca's chapter of Planned Parenthood: Generation Action, a college level offshoot of Planned Parenthood that focuses on activism and reproductive justice on college campuses. She can usually be found watching TikToks/anything that contains Andy Samberg or Matthew Grey Gubler, playing ukulele, or reposting social justice infographics onto her Instagram story. Capricorn ☀ Aquarius ☾ Pisces ↑
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