Cortaca Weekend! IC Football Player Ian Henkle

Every year, Ithaca College faces off their biggest rival: SUNY Cortland. Dubbed “the biggest little game in the nation” by Sports Illustrated, the game is so big that alumni come back from all over to watch it. This year, the game is taking place at Ithaca College, at Buttermilk Stadium. November 11th at noon, the stadium will be filled with Ithaca students, families, and alumni to battle it out against Cortland. The 59th annual Cortaca Jug will be as wild as ever, with students from both sides getting wrapped up in the festivities. I interviewed Ian Henkle about the game and how he was feeling:

Name: Ian Henkle

Year: Freshman

Her Campus Ithaca College: What grade are you in and what position do you play on the team?

Ian Henkle: Freshman, Outside linebacker

HCIC: How do you feel about the game? Are you more confident or nervous?

IH: I feel pretty good about this game. It’s an awesome rivalry and it’s great to now be a part of it.

HCIC: How do your coach and the rest of your team feel about the game?

IH: We like to take our whole season one game at a time. For the coach, the most important game is the next game.

HCIC: What are you most excited about for next weekend?

IH: I’m just really excited to be out there on the field with all my boys.

HCIC: Do you feel more pressure than usual to perform well?

IH: Like I said before, we take everything one game at a time. We’re going to prepare for Cortland the same way we’d prepare for any other opponent. We game-plan to win.