Club Softball Player, Mary Crawford

Name: Mary Crawford

Major: Occupational Therapy

Grade: First Year


Her Campus Ithaca College: How long is the club softball season?

Mary Crawford: The season starts in September and lasts all year, but the hardcore season is mainly in the spring


HCIC: When do you start competing?

MC: We start competing in the end of March. I know last season, we competed against schools like Penn State, Bloomsburg, SUNY Cortland, and we scrimmaged with Rutgers University.


HCIC: What are the practices like?

MC: There are fielding practices were we do catching drills as well as infield and outfield drills, and we also have hitting practices. We have one hitting and one fielding practice a week.


HCIC: How much experience do you have in softball?

MC: I have no experience in softball, this is a first time for me.


HCIC: How much experience do the other girls on the team have in softball?

MC: They are all super experienced. They all, for the most part, played in high school on the school team or on a rec team.


HCIC: What is your favorite part about being on the team?

MC: I like being one of the goofier team members. It’s fun to boost morale and even when I mess up it’s ok because everyone is so nice and no one cares if you mess up, they just want to see you succeed.


HCIC: How many other first-years are on the team with you?

MC: There are, like, 9 other first-years.