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The Challenges of Living in a Single

This life is definitely not sweet 

Every time I tell someone that I live in a single as a freshman, everyone replies “Oh my God, you’re so lucky” Um..hold on a sec- it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. 

While I did request for this arrangement, it does not mean that living in a single does not come with their own struggles. For one, I live on my own…like actually. Just this week, I forgot my keys in my room. There’s no roommate to just let me back in- I was just locked out and forced to pay a fee for a key (as this has happened before, I’m forgetful okay!)

Something also to consider when having a single- loneliness. It is known that making friends when living in a single dorm can be harder, especially for introverts like myself. While I live on a friendly floor, I can still feel isolated. I don’t have any funny roommate stories or have someone to consistently talk and laugh with until the wee hours of the morning. 

Let me just say one thing- 8 ams are really hard. And you know what’s even harder? Not having someone to wake you up for them. It is a constant STRUGGLE for me to get out of bed in the morning and sometimes I wish I had that extra someone to motivate me. Even without the literal bane of my existence (8 ams should seriously be illegal), motivation is a key to surviving college. Having a friend who can help you out in difficult times, like exams or anxious interactions on campus, and for a lot of people find that friend in their roommate- which I don’t have the luxury of.

I have spent this entire article complaining about being in a single, I LOVE living in a single! I get to have my own space and privacy. I can walk around as naked I want to. No awkward or crazy roommate stories over here, but that works for me and not everyone. It’s just a personal preference so hopefully, this can help you weigh the pros and cons for your freshman year living.

Caleigh is currently a first year Exploratory Major who loves ice cream, activism, discussing everything and anything Rihanna, and believes that she was born in the wrong style era (The 90s absolutely SLAYED). She is passionate, creative, reflective and excited to write for HerCampus!
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