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Catwalk to Campus: Fall Fashion Guide

This fall, it’s all about bold colors, long skirts, and polka dots- and sometimes, a mixture of all three!

Last season’s hot trends like military and nautical styles featuring a cropped look, are slowly being pushed out with long, loose fitted clothing.
Some hot trends include:

  • Colors, Colors, Colors
  • Jade, mustard, andcoffee are this season’s go-to-colors.

Tip:  Be daring.  Wear colored jeans with a neutral top.  For those more on the conservative side try adding “pops” of color into your wardrobe whether it be with a scarf, headband, or even shoes!

  • Chunky Sweaters
  • The Bohemian look calls for loose-fitted clothes and lots of layering, including a warm, knit sweater worn like an overcoat.

Tip: Layer a neutral chunky sweater over a statement camisole, and pair it with skinny jeans –a true Nicole Richie look. 

  • 1960s
  • Going along with the Bohemian look, flowing skirts are currently very fashionable.  Peplum silhouettes, a 60s staple which creates a feminine, hourglass shape through fanning out the waistline, is a staple with current trends in skirts.

Tip:  Long skirts does not always mean ankle length- many skirts that are knee length and have a defined waistline are very fashionable right now, and look good on almost anyone because it flatters most shapes.

  • Polka Dots
  • A classic fashion staple.  Though if worn wrong may come across as tacky.  Polka dots are being seen in skirts, dresses, headbands, and other girly accessories.

Tip:  Get something unusual in polka dots—fashion isn’t always about clothes.  Experiment by getting a polka dot phone case or planner.    

  • Red Lips
  • Another classic fashion trend seen on runways, wearing red lipstick or staining your lips red can bring together any look you want to achieve.  Nowadays, red lips are worn even with the most casual of outfits.

Tip:  Wear minimal eye makeup and stain your lips red- it accentuates natural beauty. 
Some other recurrent trends include floral print, zippers, feathers, and combat boots.  Whether you wish to mix and match, or simply mix, this is the fashion decade revolutionizing the whole idea of mixing everything together and being outrageous in the classiest of ways. 

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