Can Sexism in Hollywood Ever End?

It’s hard to imagine that anyone, especially men, would be surprised by the allegations of sexual assault and harassment that have been made against some of the most powerful men in Hollywood. It’s nothing new.

Men think that just because they are in a position of power, they can use their position to coerce women into uncomfortable situations. Most of the time these women fall prey to these men because they are either new to the industry or they worry about losing their career.

It turns out that Hollywood’s biggest producer and founder of the Weinstein Company was not only a womanizer, but an exploiter as well. He used his power and his position to coerce women into sleeping with him. In fact ,he kept this “game plan” up for decades. So far, 76 women have come forward to tell their stories of what he did. They were very brave for doing so.

These women told the world how Weinstein invited them to his room, proceeded in opening the door wearing nothing but his bathrobe and then he made his advance. These women weren’t just actresses, either; they were people who worked for him in the company, people like his assistants.

Weinstein isn’t the only one who's been accused of sexual assault. Others have accused other members of the industry, including Kevin Spacey and Dustin Hoffman.  

Can sexism and misogyny in Hollywood ever end? We hope so. It’s a shame we have to live with this kind of world, where men are at the top thinking they can get by with just about anything. It is truly sickening.