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Best Campus Jobs at Ithaca College

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ithaca chapter.

So let’s be honest, HCers, nobody wants to work in the dining halls, and the people who say they like it are probably lying.  If you think that’s your only employment option, don’t lost hope! If you look hard enough, there’s some great jobs on-campus that are waiting for you to apply. 
I’ve done a bit of digging for you, and whether you want a job that’s career-oriented or something to earn you a bit of spending money, there’s bound to be one listed here that piques your interest.  Here are some of the best on-campus jobs to have at Ithaca College.
Production Director, WICB
Held By: Stacey Lawrence, Junior
Major: Television-Radio, Audio Production Concentration
Starting Date: April 2011
Job Description: The Production Director records and creates all on-air promos, student-produced PSAs, breakers, legal IDs, and other imaging for the station
Perks/Benefits: The job allows one to use their creativity and to work with a lot of people.  If you’re interested in audio production, it’s a great way to enhance your skills and learn outside of the classroom.  Because this job also requires a lot of leadership and dedication, it also looks fantastic on a resume.
Is it for you?:  It’s a difficult job and it’s very time-consuming, so if you have a lot of extracurriculars, it’s hard to balance.  If you’re interested in the job, learn Pro Tools and volunteer to do production for the station, or WICB’s sister station VIC.  If you want to work in radio as a career, then this is definitely up your alley.
Teacher’s Assistant, COMP 17100: Principles of Computer Science
Held By: Kristofer Stensland, Sophomore
Major:  Computer Science
Starting Date: January 2011
Job Description:  A TA works during regular class times to assist the professor, and helps students out with lab projects and homework, in addition to holding two-hour tutoring sessions twice a week.
Perks/Benefits: TAs get to meet students outside of their major, and it’s great to see the individual effects your job has on a student.  If you TA a class that is within your major, creating strong relationships with faculty provides great recommendation letter and networking opportunities and it’s a great way to reinforce what you’ve previously learned.
Is it for you?:  Being a TA is a huge time commitment, and you really have to enjoy what you’re doing and work hard for your professor.  It’s a great way to hone your skills, provided the class you TA is a field you are experienced in, and seeing your students improve with your help can be very fulfilling.
Student Leadership Consultant, Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs (OSEMA)
Held By: Erin Smith, Sophomore
Major: Integrated Marketing Communications
Starting Date: August 2011
Job Description:  An SLC works in the Student Activities Center advising student organizations while planning leadership and general student organization events.  SLCs also create logos and marketing strategies with organizations on campus, while also planning leadership retreats, working at the SLC desk, and prepping bulletin boards for publicity.
Perks/Benefits:  The office environment is warm, friendly, and encouraging.  It’s a great way to be involved with all parts of the Ithaca College campus, and it’s an awesome way to learn about all of the clubs and resources that IC offers.  Who knows, maybe this is how you’ll find your new favorite club!
Is it for you?: If you’re interested in promotions, marketing, or advertising as a career, this is definitely a job you should consider.  You’ll also get to see a lot of the behind-the-scenes of IC, so if that’s something you’d be interested in learning more about, being a Student Leadership Consultant would be a good match.
Student Assistant, Office of Career Services
Held By: Danny Gessner, Sophomore
Major: Sports Media
Starting Date: September 2011
Job Description:  Student Assistants make appointments and take calls on behalf of the career counselors, and also have an extensive knowledge of all the resources that Career Services offers.
Perks/Benefits:  The job is low stress and has flexible hours, and creating relationships with the career counselors and peer career advisors is helpful.  They are great resources for whatever career advice you need whenever you need it. 
Is it for you?:  Career Services caters to students in every major, so you don’t need to have a career-related interest for this position.  This job will teach you a lot when it comes to planning for your future and will teach you skills that you can use to every other position you hold after.  Be prepared for others to expect you to be constantly friendly and don’t freak out if you accidentally drop a call.  It happens.
Sales Representative, The Ithacan
Held By: Taylor Palmer, Sophomore
Major: Economics
Starting Date: September 2011
Job Description: Sales Representatives seek out Ithaca-based clients and businesses who want to advertise with The Ithacan using phone calls, e-mails, and off-campus meetings.  Each Sales Representative is in charge of a set of individual business accounts and attempts to secure multiple-issue contracts for the paper.
Perks/Benefits:  This is one of the best paying jobs on campus, as your pay comes from commission. You gain a lot of experience in working with strangers and forming good relationships with your clients.  Plus, being associated with an award-winning student newspaper is hardly ever a bad thing.
Is it for you?:  If you want to work with people and are interested in payment based on your job performance, this is a position for you.  It’s also a great way to get involved in the world of advertising and learn about how the process works.  If you want to be the next Don Draper, or rather, the next Peggy Olson, apply!
Sustainability Project Assistant/”Eco-Rep”, Resource and Environmental Management Program
Held By: Lucia Brown, Sophomore
Major: Television-Radio
Starting Date: September 2010
Job Description: Eco-Reps raise awareness of ecological issues on campus while educating students and encouraging eco-friendly behavior.  They also staff the OSCAR and TIOLI rooms and promote the program through social media..
Perks/Benefits: When assigned a specific project for Eco-Reps, you’re given a lot of freedom to work on a project, which is especially great if it’s something that interests you. You’ll be very excited to work with like-minded students and such great management!
Is it for you?:  If you’re interested in sustainability and helping on your environment, this is for you.  If you don’t want the commitment right away, you can volunteer with the program first and then have it turn into a job (based on your performance and interest, of course.).
And here’s a few job search tips to lead you in the right direction!

  • Stay updated!  Ask your friends and professors, and check the On-Campus Student Employment Database (found through the website for the office of Human Resources).  Your friends all have a different knowledge about what’s going on on-campus, and your professors may even be able to offer you a job up front! 
  • Keep your resume up to date.  It’s great to be able to pull out an updated resume as soon as somebody asks for it.  If you take the time to perfect your resume and continuously update it with employment changes, you won’t have to retool it on a tight deadline.
  • Be involved. Stay active on-campus.  Who knows?  Your involvement in an on-campus club can provide a great networking opportunity that can lead to an on-campus job.  (That’s actually how I got the job I have now!)  Plus, on-campus involvement can give you the experiences and skills that will help you succeed in your next job.
  • Stay optimistic.  People are bound to apply for lots of jobs and get one, if they’re lucky.  Rejection is part of the process, but don’t let that get you down!  For some jobs, you can apply repeatedly, and at the very least, you can take what you’ve learned and apply that to your next job application. 
  • For more tips, head to the Office of Career Services or Human Resources.

Best of luck HCers!

Cady Lang is a junior (class of 2014) at Ithaca College, where she is studying as a journalism major with English and art history minors. Cady is currently the Editor in Chief of 360 Magazine, Ithaca College's narrative style publication. She is also a staff writer and blogger for the college's award-winning newspaper, The Ithacan and a frequent contributor to Buzzsaw Magazine, the college's alternative magazine. She also has experience as an intern for Condé Nast and Diablo Magazine. She is devoted to art, culture and brunch. She hopes to pursue to a career in magazine journalism. Follow her on twitter: @cadylang.