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As the age of social media begins to take over our political world, many people are ‘Feeling the Bern’. Bernie Sanders’ campaign has made incredible use of social media to target young voters through Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. As a student at Ithaca College, it is almost impossible to scroll through my newsfeed without seeing someone posting about the Bern Man. However, Sanders fans have taken the hype over the Democratic Socialist to the next level: An online dating site has emerged, allowing single people from all over the world who support Sanders and his policies to connect and chat. Although the website, named berniesingles.com, was originally intended as a dating website, members now use it to create new friendships with people of similar interest and political view. The website is really what you make of it: whether you are looking for a friend, a good debate or potential partner.

The website has multiple different features. Here they are!


Want to meet people by category? Groups offer a more specified discussion. Talk to people about the issues that you care about. Some examples of forum categories are

            Dank Bernie Gamers

            Democratic Socialist Debate

            Environmental Chat

Private Messages

Find someone you really connect with? Private message them! Private messages work similarly to Facebook messenger, but in the dimension of the BernieSingles website.

Adding Friends

Just like Facebook, you can add friends as a way to make connections.

“Dank Singles Near You”

One of the best parts of BernieSingles.com, is the sidebar listing “Dank Singles Near You”. This is a fast chat app that allows you to quickly send a message to someone in your area or a person you’ve recently had a conversation with.

Status Update 

Post a status, a picture or a hyperlink, so that your friends can get to know you and your Bernie love better!

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Hi! I'm the Campus Correspondent for Ithaca College's Her Campus chapter and a double major in English and Politics (International Studies). I'm an equestrian, a lover of music and dance, and an aspiring writer and avid reader. While my long term goal is to teach political theory at the college level, I am planning to enter the workforce for a few years hopefully continuing to read, write, and edit. Her Campus has been my home since my freshman year, and it brings me so much joy to continue to write and run our chapter in my last year at school.
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