Baby Animal Pictures to Get You Through the Rest of the Semester

This part of the semester can be really stressful, so here are some cute baby animals to make you feel better despite all of those deadlines coming up.


This duckling is pulling off a flower crown better than any of us could ever dream of.

Image result for ducklingSo fuzzy and sleepy.


Image result for kittens

I wonder what he's looking at...

Image result for kittensWow, I want all of them.


Image result for baby hippos

Too pure for this world.


Image result for german shepherd puppiesShepherd babies are the cutest puppies, and you'll never be able to convince me otherwise.

Image result for cavalier king charles spaniel puppies

Cavaliers are also precious.

Image result for dalmatian puppies no spotsI wonder when these little fellas will get their spots.


Image result for baby orangutanBaby orangutans look just like little people!

Image result for baby chimpanzee cuteLook how sweet this baby chimp is with those puppies!


Image result for baby cows playingCows are basically just giant dogs.

Image result for baby highland cowsThese babies look so soft!


Image result for baby pigsHow do so many fit in that little hat?

Image result for piglets eatingWow, I wish I looked that cute eating an apple.


Image result for baby black bears cuteI wonder if she likes honey...

Image result for baby brown bears cute

They're probably on their way to go steal a picnic basket.