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Andrea Millares

Name: Andrea Millares
Major: Television/Radio
Minor: None
Hometown: Fair Lawn, NJ
Campus involvement: ICTV (Game Over, Poutine on the Fritz, College Kids), VIC
Radio DJ
Extracurriculars: Premium Blend (all female a cappella), IC Stand Up Comedy

Why did you choose to go to Ithaca College?

I chose to go to Ithaca College because I became very passionate about
television and film in high school. In addition to this, I was always very
passionate about music and theater. Ithaca seemed to be a good fit because it
has a great program for television, and because of the numerous a cappella
groups and theater troupes on campus, I wouldn’t have to give up music or
theater. Also, there’s free laundry. That was a big deciding factor.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about television. It’s such an important artform that also acts as
a social commentary. So much heart and energy goes into a single production,
and it’s so satisfying to see how it turns out in the end. Not to mention, it’s
timeless. I still watch episodes of The Addams Family and The Dick Van Dyke
show. I’m also pretty passionate about tea. (There are so many different kinds!)

What’s your dream for the future?

My dream for the future would be to be working on a comedy TV show, whether
it be directing or production design. Or maybe I’ll have superpowers. Like
freezing time would be pretty cool.

Life motto/words to live by?
“Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.” -Ron Swanson

Plans for next Semester?
I plan on making some awesome a cappella music with Premium Blend.
Hopefully, I’ll be working on my own show on ICTV.

Relationship status?
Single, l4wlz

What do you look for in a partner?
Has to be better than everybody else. (Like me)

What would the average person not know about you?
I have a tail. (Don’t tell anybody, plz)

KC Weston is a sophomore at Ithaca College currently studying Communication, Management, and Design in the Park School of Communications, with a concentration in Corporate Communications and a minor in African Diaspora Studies. KC is currently a member of IC Voicestream, Ithaca College's premier co-ed a capella group, and founder of Diversity in Action, a discussion based student organization focusing on discussing issues of age, ability, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, race, belief system, and socio-economic status. She also is a contributing writer to both 360 magazine, IC's narrative-style publication and to Buzzsaw Magazine, IC's alternative- style magazine. KC is also a student tour guide, an MLK Scholar, and a volunteer at the Ithaca State Theatre. When not rushing to a meeting, writing, or living in the library, KC enjoys performing with her band, Second Dam, watching the worst movies Netflix has to offer, and (most importantly) relxaing. In the future she hopes to live abroad for a couple years after college and /or to later work as a performer or work with performers by running a concert and event venue or booking company.
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